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OvenJoy is a versatile Bun library designed to simplify routing and middleware management in your web applications. With OvenJoy, you can effortlessly define and manage routes, apply middleware, and handle HTTP requests like a pro.

Core features

Express.js Compatibility

OvenJoy offers a familiar routing and middleware API that closely resembles Express.js, making it easy for developers familiar with Express to transition smoothly to OvenJoy.

Intuitive Routing

Define routes with ease using simple and expressive syntax. Create routes for different HTTP methods, parameterized routes, and catch-all routes effortlessly.

Middleware Support

Apply middleware functions to your routes to modularize your application logic. Handle tasks like authentication, validation, and logging in a structured and reusable manner.

Automatic Response Handling

Automatically generate and send responses to clients. OvenJoy simplifies the process of sending JSON, HTML, or other content types in response to HTTP requests.

Lightweight and Efficient

OvenJoy is designed to be lightweight, ensuring minimal impact on your application's performance. It's efficient, fast, and optimized for modern web development.